Choosing the Right Banquet Hall in Pithoragarh

Events are a vital part of our culture. Any important event or celebration requires a proper place to accommodate the attendees. The success of any event is reflected through what the host offers his/her guests. The banquet halls Pithoragarh has play a major role in making an occasion a memorable one. No matter what the occasion is, if your venue is pristine and beautifully organized, you can rest assured that 50 per cent of your function is sorted. In Pithoragarh each and every banquet hall has its own set of amenities. Different celebrations require a different kind of venue setup. Choosing the right banquet hall plays a major role in throwing a remarkable event and, consequently, it is a factor that requires sufficient thought. Once the requirements are locked, half the job is done. Below are the five key factors that are essential to keep in mind while choosing a banquet hall in Pithoragarh.

1. Audience capacity of the banquet

The most important factor to keep in mind while choosing a venue is the approximate number of people who will be attending the occasion. As per your estimated number of guests, you will get a gist of how big you want the function hall to be. The size of your party hall will greatly impact how successful your event will be. A small wedding venue with a large number of attendees will the whole occasion very uncomfortable and congested.

2. Choosing the right venue

Wedding halls are located in almost every lane of the city, however, while choosing one, don’t forget to keep in mind which one would be more convenient for your guests. After all, what’s a wedding without all those chirping aunties and children. No matter how beautiful the wedding hall is, if it so far out of the way, then your guests might have to rethink in attending the event. We suggest you look for a function venue that is centrally located, offering an easy accessibility for all the attendees.

3. Venue decoration

The decoration of interiors can create an outstanding impression on the guests. However, you will have to rethink on what kind of decoration would suit a particular event. For example, a business conference workshop will not be decorated as a wedding reception. The staff of the venue will be able to help you with all the arrangements inside the banquet hall. No matter how wonderful the decoration is, make sure your hall is kept clean, classy and well organized.

4. Extra Amenities offered

Certain venues only provide the hall, and it is the responsibility of the organizer to get other basic amenities like tables, chairs, decoration materials, etc. If you are planning for a corporate event, it may require audio/visual equipment, charging stations, as well as free high-speed Wi-Fi. Additionally, certain convention halls also offer in-house catering services to their clients.

5. Costs involved

You budget, without doubt, is the most important factor that must be considered before picking a venue. Try setting your budget at the beginning itself. Also know that you will have to allot a certain amount for all the other necessary arrangements for the whole event too. If you are under a tight budget, consider only your basic needs (such as catering, basic amenities like chair, tables and lights, etc.), the number of guests, and balance that out with the cost of booking the venue.

Different types of banquet halls

In Pithoragarh banquet halls can be booked as per the size of your guest list.

1. Banquet Halls up to 50 persons

Such venues are perfect to celebrate a birthday party, reunions, pre-wedding functions, a family get-together. Banquet halls with a capacity of about 50 people charge their rent reasonably and are close to your place. For occasions like weddings or the pre-wedding functions, consider choosing a venue that’s closer to the airport as it will be a convenient option for all the guests who are traveling. Halls also offer pick-up and drop options along with a possible overnight stay for the guests. Also, small sized banquet halls near you are perfect to organize birthday parties. Such venues offer packages that incorporate the cost of the entire event.

2. Banquet Halls up to 800 persons

Ideal for wedding and engagement parties, a venue with a capacity of 800 people also provides on-site catering, ultimately making the process of planning events smoother and hassle-free. Such halls offer decorations and theme based decorators to cater to weddings and engagement celebrations. The budget of the client works as the primary determinant. Organizers also rope in event planners, who incorporate the theme of the event in the decor. The event planner is generally the main point-of-contact between the client and the banquet hall.

3. Banquet Halls up to 1000 persons

Lavish event with an unending guest list is what these kind of banquet halls are available for. Such halls can also be used to host corporate events, conferences and exhibitions. Parking is a significant concern here and large banquets generally offer valet parking. Open air banquets are an undying trend offered by large banquets. Food plays a crucial role in making a celebration as successful as possible. The organizer is even allowed to customize the menu or opt for a chef of their choice. Huge banquet halls manage the table-top decoration with elegant cutlery and napkins all customized according to the planners. An important thing to keep in mind is the floating capacity and the seating capacity. In an ideal case scenario, the seating capacity (seats to be arranged) is lesser than the floating capacity (people who stand). The are several banquet halls in the city that offer a wide choice of venues, which can perfectly fit your preferences.
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